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Non-Resident Fellows Program:

We need excellent researchers to join the work done at the institute. If you have a research interest that aligns with one of our initiatives listed under the policy focus section of the website, please reach out to us with some relevant information detailed here.


You must not be a current student. If you are, please see the Research Assistant information. Anybody else is welcome to apply - preference is given to academics and researchers.


To apply to be considered for the Global Fellows Program, please send us your CV and a short statement about how your interests align with the policy focus of the center. Please be sure to include something similar to a statement of research interests in this document. If you have research published, send also a pdf or link of the paper you think is most aligned with the initiatives at the institute.

If not included in your CV, please be sure to send an additional document that indicates your full set of current and previous affiliations in academia, the private sector, government, etc.

Please send application materials to:

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