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All students who complete any of the programs with us will receive an `attendance certificate`.

Those seeking credit at their home institution may request a detailed certificate which lists contact hours (for lectures, seminars and discussion group sessions) and the grade achieved for their written work. Certificates will usually be sent to students' home institutions within a month of the end of the summer school.

As the Midwest Policy Institute does not arrange offer credit through the host university, those wishing to obtain credit (study abroad or otherwise) from their home institution for attending this program must make appropriate arrangements with that institution in advance.

Bedrooms and Meals

The fees quoted on the Registration and Fees page include accommodation. Students will live in university housing.

Students cannot be accommodated prior to or beyond their program dates but are free to make arrangements in the area themselves to extend their time travelling. Family members and/or friends who are not enrolled in one of the summer courses cannot be accommodated in university housing.

Students will be provided meals in the host university's dining hall. All meals are self-service with a range of options available. Should applicants have any dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarian, gluten-free) they should contact with the relevant details.

Visa Requirements

It is important that you think about visa requirements if you are visiting a foreign country for one of the programs. We strongly recommend that you establish whether you will require a visa before submitting your registration. Please check current visa processing times to find out how long getting a visa might take in the country you are applying from.

The Program Administrator will provide students with a standard format letter confirming enrollment and course details once their fees have been paid in full. This letter can be used in a visa application should you require one.

For legal reasons, the Program Administrator is not permitted to provide any visa advice to applicants.

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