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Teach at MFPI:

We are constantly looking for bright faculty to be involved in our teaching programs. MWPI believes that sharing knowledge is essential to the work of any organization in the foreign policy space. Therefore, we view our summer courses for students as one of the most important initiatives we can offer. We take teaching in these programs seriously and want to cultivate a faculty to teach in them that give the same level of diligence to them that we will.


Anybody is welcome to apply if they feel they have relevant experience; preference is given to current academics and researchers.


To apply to teach at one of the MWPI summer courses, please send a CV and a teaching statement. In your teaching statement, be sure to indicate which course interests you, and what skills you have for that particular discipline. In particular, we do look for teachers whose research gives them strong credibility on a topic, so include some statement of research activities, particularly more recent endeavors that may not already be published in journals or elsewhere.  

If not included in your CV, please be sure to send an additional document that indicates your full set of current and previous affiliations in academia, the private sector, government, etc.

Please send application materials to:

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